I wonder if they’ll take a letter saying that we are working as hard as we can but it will be a few months?

Probably not, huh?

This morning, the VA announced that they will soon be sending out letters outlining the repayment process for last fall’s emergency advance checks.  For anyone who had already given up on the VA before the October 2 implementation, the VA offered $3000 checks to eligible vets awaiting their regular payments.  Tens of thousands of people were kept in school and their homes because of the program. Continue Reading »


Chart showing outstanding Ch. 33 claims by weekSince late November, the weekly workload of pending Post-9/11 GI Bill claims has dropped from 65,829 to 39,084.  The lower number combined with the doubling of claims processors and mandatory overtime means that unless Eric Shinseki and Keith Wilson outright lied to Congress, there is no reason that those 39,000 people shouldn’t be paid on time in February.  The VA now reports that it is able to handle approximately 30,000 claims per week, and the math actually works out:

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Half an hour ago, I got a call from Lamar Smith’s Washington D.C. office responding to the Feb. 1 deadline questions raised on this page.

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By now, most people have heard that the VA has announced a goal of processing all claims by Feb 1 that they received by Jan 15.  I never thought they would make it, especially after talking to VA reps and being stonewalled by congress (You can read all the communication on this blog).  Now I see a glimmer of hope.
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On Dec. 3 VA Ed Chief Keith Wilson said that anyone who had a claim in by Jan. 15 would be paid by Feb. 1.  To verify this, I first called the VA (after a week of being turned away by the automated system because no one was available) and was told that the operator I spoke with had never heard the statement, I then referred him to this article.

After hitting that dead end, I wrote to the VA to see if I would have better luck.  Here is the communication so far:
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In an article by AP staff writer Kimberly Hefling, it is reported that on December 3, the VA’s education benefits director Keith Wilson told Congress that the VA plans to have all claims received by January 15 paid by February 1.
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After serving six years in the US Navy, deploying to the Persian Gulf in support of Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom, and receiving an Honorable Discharge, I am, like many other young vets, going to college.

After I finish school I would like to become a teacher.

For the last six months I have been pretty much constantly fighting for a benefit that I earned and paid for.  Continue Reading »